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Bitumen 50/70, Bitumen 60/80 Bitumen , Bitumen 80/100 Available

Emulsion Bitumen Available

Gilsonite, natural bitumen Available

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Drum, Big bag or Bitutainer?

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Packaging is important!

Drums are strong but heavy. The drums are never completely empty and a percentage of loss needs to be added in your production calculations. BigBags are cheaper but hard to handle logistically. Bitutainers is the preferred way as to have a minimum of loss and loads the maximum weight into shipping containers. Ask us for more information.

CB Bitumen has a comprehensive quality inspection
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The quality of your bitumen purchase is linear to the quality of your project. CB Bitumen will never compromise on quality and has a quality inspection done at the production stage, the packaging stage and at the discharge location.


cb bitumen offers construction finance


 CB Bitumen and Oil Thrust Ltd are keen to help its clients on every level. Do you have a project? Talk to our advisory team. Our cooperation goes further than just supplying the right quality at the most economical price. CB Bitumen will underwrite your project based on it's merits and solvability.

about CB Bitumen

CB Bitumen has been established in 2012. With subsidiaries in Nigeria, Rwanda, Burundi, D.R.Congo, Uganda and India we can supply locally with local facilities.


CB Bitumen is a wholly owned subsidiary of Oil Thrust Ltd. With will to respond to our specialized needs of our bitumen clients we created a division solely dedicated to bituminous products.

The standard grades are available from our warehouses, enabling a fast and reliable delivery. Most emulsion grades are available to order. Recently we have developed a niche market by selling natural bitumen or otherwise known as gilsonite.

With up to date market knowledge we will endevour to guide our clients to purchase the best option for their needs.

Quality inspections are done by reputable inspection bureau's.

Our logistic department will make sure your order is delivered in a timely manner.

Our sales department will quote you to most economical market price at the time of your order.

World-class banking will support a seamlessly and smooth business transaction.

Do not hesitate to contact our team for more information or fill in our short questionnaire as to assist us to help you better.

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