Doing Business with Oil Thrust - CB Bitumen

Since 1997

Success is build by relationship

Business with YOU

Business, a link between two entities, a relation of trust and confidence. Our extensive experience has learned that excellence in trading is maintaining a longevity in business. Maturing our clients has made CB Bitumen what it is today. A global player in bitumen sourcing and supplying locally to our clients in Africa, Middle East and Europe.

No purchase is too small, no trade is too big. We will always en-devour to support our clients to the best of our ability.

Our sales and support team is here to help YOU!

@ CB Bitumen we pride ourselfs in thinking with our clients. Logistical problems? Financial support for your construction project? A competitive price? We will find common ground in the most challenging situations.

This is our bond to our existing and future clients.

Eric De Bolle

Group Chief Operational Officer